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Wumzle Radio - Artist Page for : Shorthand Phonetics

The best independent and lesser-known music from the 2000's to the 2010's

Version 6

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Apparently...I m In Medicine Love or the Illusi

Chivalry Is Lost on Some People
Your Name is Fujioka Tsubasa Right ...Oh Yeah For
New Adventures in Meta Songwriting
Love Is Evol Spelled Backwards Bet I Can Beat You
Luck Is All. .
The She s Got What She Needed From Me Waltz
Yes in the Morning No in the Evening
My Alice Can Kill You My Alice Can Kill You Dead
Natalies for Glasses II Yesterday I Found a Needl
It s Not That She Is Nothing It s Just That She s

O.S.T. Ngintip ...Run Budi Run

Some Dude Taught Me This Song During Form Two...I
Goodbye Juria Don t Worry. It s Treatable. Being
Bow Wow Chikka Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka Wakka Bo
Some Dude Taught Me This Song During Form Two...I
Magic is Away for the Season
Budi s Ass is Grass
Budi s Triumph
Nature Lovers Military March
Search for My Next Top Infatuation
The Sale
Excerpt from Flower Image Forever Dance of the S
A Semi Deus Ex Machina Appears
When Women Congregate
When Women Congregate II
The Resolution
Excerpt from The Academic Life

Fire I Could Have Died and All I Could Think Abo

An Apartment Complex Fire Charred My Diary to Obli

Fire! (I Could Have Died and All I Could Think About Was My Charred Diary)

And These Were Some of the Barely Legible Pages That "Survived"... / 18th of August 07: "Flower Image Forever (Dance of the Second Choice)" / 21nd of August 07: "An Anticlimactic End to a Meaningless Non-Relationship"
9th of September 07: ""Get Up, Kid..." said Miyuki as she entered his apartment which was formerly hers."
17th of December 07: "Theme to a Powerpoint Presentation"
21st of March 08: "The Ravenclaw Common Room is a IDM Discotheque Now!, or, Above the Stratosphere Is Where My Happiness Lies (Which Is to Say, "I Can Never Jump Up and Reach It")"
9th of May 08: "The Academic Life"
1st of June 08: "The SOOCA Will Be the Venue for My Redemption"
13th of July 08: "Natalies for Glasses III (Yakuza Princess)" / Acquiring a New Diary...and a Place to Temporarily Crash In...
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