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Secret Society of French Webradios : Wumzle Radio dmz.fm Radio Giroll RSR La Radio Oxyradio

Wumzle Radio

The best independent and lesser-known music from the 2000's to eternity

Listeners, pump up or down tracks to determine how often they are played
Bands, submit your track, join the permanent contest for airplays through votes

Since 2008 - Version 6 - Audio format is Ogg Vorbis
Sync options (for listening on multiple devices)

Want to support us ? Then share this page ! Submissions : send your 64kbps ogg track - Questions ? wumzleradio@clewn.org

Wumzle Radio Hall of Fame

#11the NIGHTCHILDCloser12
#12Contronmake us so pretentious (the a couple clever words i wish my friends had never heard song)11
#13Gorbie's StuffSomethin (2)11
#14Fukked UpMan Has Gotta Be Tough11
#15MonsieurPaulLeBoulangerpart 311
#16Me In The Bath0311
#17Fukked UpJealousy10
#18Shorthand PhoneticsLuck Is All. .10
#19Controni'm reciting every word from the voices that i heard & the 2nd times a charm because i never had a 3rd (think i'm losing my mind again)10
#20Blue VitriolCryovolcano9