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Post your track and contest for airplays through votes

Send your song and it will be immediately featured on the playlist. Each time a song is played, people can vote for or against it. The most a song is voted, the most airplays it gets

Please select your audio file on your computer :

We only accept Ogg Vorbis files

The prefered bitrate is 64kbps

The following Vorbiscomment tags will be used, and only these, to identify your audio on the radio :

By posting, you agree with that :

The track will be available for free download and streaming, on Wumzle Radio. You grant Wumzle radio a permanent right, to the extend of the applicable law(1), to feature and broadcast your track

You own all the rights on the audio material, it is purely yours. Especially you are not using a sample or making a cover without authorisation of the right owners

(implied by the previous requirement) This track is not registered to any collective right collection society, such as BMI, GEMA, SACEM, SABAM, SoundExchange or any other else

(1) According to the French law which rules the station, you own a droit de repentir which allows a creator to remove an artwork from public availability. Please email for any question.