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Wumzle Radio - Artist Page for : Contron

The best independent and lesser-known music from the 2000's to the 2010's

Version 7

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Morning Sun

All That's Wrong With Me
We're Waiting To Be Set Free
We'll Go to the Garden and Laugh and Pick Daisies

before i hated things

dear john green
before i hated things
home is where the heart is so home is in yr chest
relax, get scared
perdido key
"get over it"
yr drunk & bored
crocodile tears
yr prolly right
i forget how beautiful that life can be sometimes


i guess i'ma pretty good person sometimes when i really think that hell might exist (thought i heard you screamin' i was dancing with my demons they're the bad things that i like too much)
cuz girls like you don't like boys like me
now all i'm good at doing is drugs & feeling upset
i wish you were still here, i wish you werent still (ode to terrence in the key of pouring out ol' english)
all those people yr glad you forgot
someday i'll love someone enough to love myself
thank god for those ppl youll always love in some sad strange way, thank god for theses xanax pills they made me feel a little less insane
the icarus song (we all fall from grace sometimes)
now you gotta ask for permission to get an abortion (i think i wanna go back to england)
but right now we're alive & well & life's too strange & beautiful to end
we'll go to the garden & laugh & pick daisies

fear others (collection of early 2014 songs/outtakes/throwaways)

fear others
you used to love those flashing lights, they make you feel important
chicken wing song
a mouth full of lies you wish you could tell
lowlife crisis
graduation (pretending all the time you waste is gonna pay off someday)
witch hunting (ode to abigail williams)
calculate & hesitate
all those stupid sad bastards
oh in the springtime revised
jesus lifted me
suspicious lips song
describe yrself in 2 words (letter to my unborn child)
watch it melt (a letter to 14 year old me)

optimism songs 2k14 (music for forgetting yr name)

the optimism song (telling myself lies to convince myself im better off alive)
forgetting yr name
we watched you kissing snowmen til yr lips turned blue
i made a list of ppl that i like & ripped it into shreds (now yr gonna ask if i'm on drugs again)
the reckless kids song (so pour another drink i think i taste my dying brain cells)
i hope that she loves me tomorrow

some new songs by the freewheelin contron

oh in the springtime yes it rains til it gets sunny i wish i was allowed 2 be 2 proud 2 take yr money (maybe if i cared a lil less good things would happen)
being ok pt. 1
they tell me that yr ugly
make us so pretentious (the a couple clever words i wish my friends had never heard song)
you could be
i just wanna luv n be luved n not have to think of you
voices&peoplewhomightletyoudown(featuring t$tack$)
quittingwhileyrahead (the politics of being a drunk mistake)
i'll stop getting fucked up if that means i get my life back(& i'll stop blaming you for things i did myself, & i'll stop listening to everyone who said i'm worthless) aka the how have i been such a fuckkjing idiot? song
i'm content with what was i'm content with what is & not so scared of all that will be

unreleased rarities bsides drugmusic 2013 (theme music for dying alone)

tell you you deserve this
feelin' sick (reasons i hope i die soon abridged)
oh florida (flawda livin abridged)
i'll drink whiskey in georgia & act like i never felt a thing
spending all yr time
a moment of introspection after a night that escalated quickly(theme music for dying alone)
counting down like 1-2-3-4 let me down let me down
lately ive been losing things that i didnt even know i had(weight, self-respect, virginity)
id like to congratulate myself on being so ironic that i forget what real life feels like
all my friends are just pillheads
no friends (the newest version of being yrself is acting unimpressed)
cut yr twisted puppet strings & when i kick the bucket sing
2ndhand smoke
one of those stupid songs that go (not gonna write u a luv song)
introvert luv song
feel a little less alone
i'm not real & i don't feel i hope somebody hurts u
so pour another drink i think i taste my dying brain cells
i'm reciting every word from the voices that i heard & the 2nd times a charm because i never had a 3rd (think i'm losing my mind again)
someday i might die alone & maybe i'll be born again but by that time i hope i find a home away from all my former friends (westsidepcolaacidparanoianightbluesslightreturn)
tired of me
were waiting to be set free were waiting to be set free, yr gonna ask if im on drugs again & wish you never met me
ambien thuggin'
the world is actually an ugly, horrible place & i hope i die soon
cup half full or cup half empty but either way yr cups not full
i got lots of self-esteem but no self respect
but if its not broke then dont fix it i guess were addicted to sin
steubenville high school (were glad that yr a rapist)

yr made of bones & peeling skin (collection of later recordings)

i shot conor oberst (i didn't shoot the deputy)
mosquito spite
ode to
untitled 1
follow me to the liquor store
yr still the same you(but i wanna be something else)
nod(i took pills with god)
a lil ugly
yr made of bones & peeling skin
tired of me

yr so pretty when we're on drugs (maybe i'll do something different tomorrow)

there's no such thing as a "friend zone", yr just a dick
gravity song
song about drugs & killing myself
i'm sorry
oh how i long for that blissful ignorance when i thought that everything was alright
i wish that i could walk for a mile or two inside yr skin
favorite flickering candle song
is this what u want? (drunk loser ballad in the key of drunk)
set fire to the bridge you cross
yr so pretty when we're on drugs

contron I

now i feel numb & they tell me that's better ( the domino song)
my favorite house
i see you every now & again, i don't really wonder how you've been doin (the blueprint song)
gandhi vs. jesus (the mockingbird song)
my mouth is big my mind is small ( i hope it hurts bad)
when you go back to michigan (yr a dirty bitch, that's why i kissed your friend)
we're waiting to be set free, we're waiting to be set free, yr gonna ask if i'm on drugs again and wish you never met me
the silent symphony of secondguessing
18 goddamn years ( tired of me song)
we'll go to the garden & laugh & pick daisies
the sun came out
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